Pitch for NinjaMentors


Company / App Name: NinjaMentors


What does it do?

NinjaMentors is a one-to-one social networking and mentoring platform based on skills.

Why do we need it?


1. Out of date solutions
2. You can get too many conflicting results
3. Solvers don’t know what solutions you already have tried
4. The problem description in your posted question can be unclear
5. You have follow-up questions

Who is it for?

Professionals, beginners, anyone who has advanced knowledge in a skill and anyone who needs guidance for anything.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

1. Generalized platform for all skills
2. Emulates real life scenario of being an expert in a skill and beginner in another
3. Categorized skills and easily discoverable mentors
4. In-app chat, audio/video call, screen sharing

What’s next?

The gift of mentorship is free, but if you’d like to earn a token of appreciation from your mentees, you can opt-in for Paid Mentoring on NinjaMentors very soon!

Link to Company / App Demo video