Pitch for My French Gallery


Company / App Name: My French Gallery

Twitter – @french_my

What does it do?

Our gallery offers artists a visibility of their work, a dedicated page (Artist, Project, Social Networks, etc.) and the possibility to be part of a network and a community of artists. MY FRENCH takes care of the printing and the delivery.

Why do we need it?

We surveyed 350 photographers. From this study, it emerged that 61% of the artists have difficulties selling their work and that a majority of them have problems of visibility and do not know how to manage their logistics.

Who is it for?

The idea of MY FRENCH GALLERY is to allow talented photographers to make themselves known by selling their work. With a totally new concept in the field of art: the artists receive the entire income from their sales.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

An innovative service for photographers: the possibility to sell their photos, without any commission. The subscription is set up at the first sale of one of their photos. It includes a communication, marketing and sales logistics package.

What’s next?

Go for it! Integrate new artists. To date, more than ten artists have joined our platform. We have signed two new artists who will soon be exhibited. We are of course working on increasing the notoriety of the site.

Link to Company / App Demo video