Pitch for managewith.us

Company / App Name: managewith.us

Twitter – managewithus

What does it do?

managewith.us is a new Collaborative Task Management app. The focus is on simplicity, there’s no sign-up required, it’s just 1-click to start a new task list!

Why do we need it?

It makes managing a Task List as a group an absolute breeze. No more sending up-to-date spreadsheets before calls, or passing round a complicated agenda. Just share a link.

You don’t even need to sign up!

Who is it for?

1) Professionals in an office environment managing remote members of a team.
2) Startup teams working remotely.
3) Individuals who will appreciate a Task Manager with no sign-up and a great interface.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s collaborative in real time. It takes 1-click to create a new Task List, which comes with a unique URL to send to whoever you want on the team.

What’s next?

We have lots of PRO features in production, which is going to be amazingly affordable:

– Custom Sub-domain
– Custom Fields
– Lock & Password Protect Task Lists
– Increased Security
– Dashboard

…and more

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