Pitch for lockrMail


Company / App Name: lockrMail


Twitter – https://twitter.com/lockr_digital

What does it do?

lockrMail is a free productivity tool that acts as a pre-filter for your inbox, providing you with a unique and secure email address to use online. Custom filters enable you to decide which emails come to your inbox and which are blocked.

Why do we need it?

Consumers are inundated with hundreds of promotional emails daily and have limited control beyond the unsubscribe button. As more websites add email registration walls, the volume of email we receive will further increase.

Who is it for?

lockrMail is for anyone that wants to regain control of their email inbox. Our proprietary automated filters enable users to completely personalize their inbox – ensuring they only receive the emails they want from their favorite brands.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike other anonymous email services, lockrMail is a secure, yet persistent, public-facing email that is easy to use everywhere. Our automated filters offer far more curation and users can manually deliver blocked emails at any point.

What’s next?

lockrMail is continuing to develop enhanced features. A few things on our roadmap for the rest of ’21 and early ’22 are: curated Digests, delayed delivery, and automated discount notifications through our browser extension.

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