Pitch for Little You


Company / App Name: Little You

Twitter – littleyouca

What does it do?

We are developing a game that allows children to design and customize 3D characters. Users can select and add different costumes to design their 3D figure, they also have the freedom to change colour, size and position for different add-ons

Why do we need it?

Children at age 5 have the greatest capability of creation, their creativity scores were 98% and as they grow up, their creativity score drop to 2% by adulthood. Children are born with creativity, it needs to be cultivated.

Who is it for?

The primary target markets of this product are family members and general public, as they are the individuals who will be determining whether they will spend money on the purchase for a toy. However, the creators of this game are children.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Compare to our competitors, we are the only platform specifically developed for children to create and share 3D printed toys. We offer customization, rewards program and licensed design in combination that no one else is doing it.

What’s next?

We are looking to Launch in December 2020.

Link to Company / App Demo video