Pitch for Lineup


Company / App Name: Lineup

Twitter – @lineupteams

What does it do?

Lineup is an easy-to-use volunteer management tool empowers organizations to move on from labor-intensive spreadsheets. We help you create tailor-made teams for your committees using particular traits, qualifications, and experience.

Why do we need it?

Lineup solves the problem of labor-intensive spreadsheets used to organize and assess teams by providing data on your pool of candidates. Lineup is best-suited and best known to provide analytics, increase productivity, and diversify teams.

Who is it for?

We specialize in associations and certification groups, but any type of organization that manages committees, teams, or volunteers benefit from using Lineup.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

An already unique product that has the backing of a personable and driven team that is dedicated to your success within using the platform.

What’s next?

We are improving and adding to the cloud-based platform every 2 weeks that include bug fixes, new integrations, and new features.

Link to Company / App Demo video