Pitch for LifeHash


Company / App Name: LifeHash


What does it do?

Modern logistical and manufacturing processes are complex; complicated workflows often expose themselves to unnecessary risk. LifeHash bridges your existing solutions and provides you with personalized and transparent business solutions

Why do we need it?

LifeHash is The easiest way to protect, store, create and prove your data

Who is it for?

Do you work with intellectual property, IP rights, sensitive documents, complex supply chain processes or any other data that is worth protecting? Then LifeHash is for you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

LifeHash takes existing time-tested blockchain solutions, such as Bitcoin and DigiByte, and applies them to industry-specific challenges. By doing so, we take innovation straight to your proverbial doorstep.

What’s next?

Help every industries to incorporate the technology into their organization