Pitch for Invoice App

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Company / App Name: Invoice App


What does it do?

Invoice App is a free professional invoice maker, and it can provide professional invoice services for small businesses or freelancers!
You can create, send, and track invoices and estimates on your phone and keep your finances organized.

Why do we need it?

By 2021, driverless cars, robots that can predict and react as real people exist. And are you still printing and mailing invoices manually? Think again. It’s time to embrace technology. Go paperless and start sending electronic invoices.

Who is it for?

Invoice App is a perfect on-the-go invoicing solution for contractors, small businesses and freelancers, etc.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

To help small businesses that have been affected by the outbreak, we have created the All-In-One invoicing tool, which is free for all to use, with no subscriptions, only lifetime purchases, once for life.

What’s next?

Currently, we are working on the iOS version. Later, we will provide a web version and offer an online payment function.

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