Pitch for Hexadots

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Company / App Name: Hexadots


What does it do?

Hexadots is a puzzle game. The gameplay is simple and enjoyable. Connect the same color dots or objects on the hexagon field. The game has four different modes with unique goals and gameplay. Worth a try.

Why do we need it?

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from the routine. And Hexadots is really good for it. It has an intuitive control system and easy to understand gameplay.

Who is it for?

It’s ideal for people who want to relax for a bit or relieve stress. Good choice to have a good time. Hexadots doesn’t have any restrictions or sensitive content.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Hexadots is a combination of classic connecting dots game on the hexagonal field with survival game format. It offers 4 different game modes with unique gameplay. The main goal is to hold out as long as possible and maximize a score.

What’s next?

The game is continually developing. New game modes, power-ups, achievements, color themes, and interesting game mechanics in the future await you.

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