Pitch for GoalTribe Guru

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Company / App Name: GoalTribe Guru


Twitter – https://twitter.com/goaltribe

What does it do?

GoalTribe Guru helps you to set and achieve your goals, to break and build habits, to reflect on your emotions. You have additional resources such as music for meditation, guided meditations, affirmations, journal, wheel of life, tips etc.

Why do we need it?

GoalTribe Guru guides you through the process of setting your goals in order to achieve them. If you want to work on habits we have tips, awards and templates to help you with. The App has an PIN option and resources designed to support you

Who is it for?

It is for people who are interested in personal development, who want to set goals in the right way, want to work on habits or to start with journaling. People who want to work on self awareness, emotions and unleash their full potential.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s All in one App for goal setting, habits, journaling, meditations, affirmations etc.

What’s next?

Additional resources for goal settings, habits, self-awareness, reflection on emotions etc.

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