Pitch for ecogift


Company / App Name: ecogift


What does it do?

ecogift is a gift box that includes environmental friendly products from other german startups. We do pack each box by hand and do really care about our environment. ecogift is more than just a gift box!

Why do we need it?

With every ecogift sold you are supporting not just a lot of StartUps and us but the environment! You can also start saving time in searching a nice gift but still will have the perfect gift for the other person.

Who is it for?

The gift box is for everyone who wants to save time when searching gifts. It also is for people who wanna create an impact and save our environment.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We do just use products from StartUps, that’s why we can be sure that all the products are 100% environmental friendly and creating an impact.

What’s next?

We want to start with the first boxes and then create new boxes with way more other StartUps!

Link to Company / App Demo video