Pitch for Double2date


Company / App Name: Double2date


Twitter – @double2date

What does it do?

Double2date allows anyone to sign up for free and meet new people right away.
It helps couples and singles to meet anyone for dating or just for new friendships.

Why do we need it?

We need Double2date to meet new people in our lives, using the easiest UI and UX – after the signup, you’re a click away from meeting new people.

Who is it for?

Double2date started as a platform for couples only to meet other couples.
Since then it has expanded to singles also.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Double2date is totally free:anyone can signup and just start to connect with other people.
You can share experiences with new people on a platform of 1:1 or many:many.
The users decide who to meet without any app algorithm deciding for them

What’s next?

New features are added frequently and also ideas for expansions.

Link to Company / App Demo video