Pitch for DentalBiz


Company / App Name: DentalBiz


Twitter – dental_biz

What does it do?

Easily accessible and searchable patients records. With medical history and dental history that is detailed on graphic chart on each tooth.

Why do we need it?

Keep your dental clinic records at your finger tips with a beautifully designed application that meets most needs of any dental clinic. From patient records, history, appointments and scheduling, to finances and detailed reports.

Who is it for?

DentalBiz software is designed for doctors and clinic managers in an effort to digitize medical records, eliminate overhead and reduce in-clinic wait times.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The application is fully functional when you’re offline, and just as you become online, all of your devices will automatically sync.

What’s next?

Storing all data on blockchain, and creating an utility token that will be used for paying the monthly plans.

Link to Company / App Demo video