Pitch for Cube

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Company / App Name: Cube


What does it do?

Cube provides the most advanced and customizable software for end-to-end data analytics automation. From collection, to processing, to visualization, Cube helps unlock your full data analytics potential.

Why do we need it?

The volume of data generated by individuals, organizations, and technologies is exploding. Data is also evolving into increasingly complex and fragmented forms, making it hard to tap into its potential.

Who is it for?

Business professionals, customer insights teams, data analytics teams, data scientists, engineers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Cube solves the toughest data challenges with software that enables insightful, fast and cost-effective analytics from all of your data sources. Cube enables advanced data analytics automation across the entire data analytics pipeline.

What’s next?

A diverse set of applications enabling users to programmatically collect, process and generate analytical outputs driven by their data workflows.