Pitch for ConsumerBreak


Company / App Name: ConsumerBreak


What does it do?

ConsumerBreak allows players to solve puzzles for cash money prizes, without in-game ad interruptions or microtransactions. How? Simple: the puzzle itself is the advertisement.

Why do we need it?

ConsumerBreak utilizes brand marketing to cover its expenses and generate the liquid cash it returns to players through its competitions, but not mid-gameplay. This month alone, they’re giving away $35,000 in cash prizes!

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to play engaging games, without mid-game advertisements all the while playing for a chance to win cash prizes.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

ConsumerBreak is a free-to-play mobile app without where players solve fast-paced jigsaw-style puzzles that award cash prizes to top players via PayPal.

What’s next?

If ConsumerBreak can reach a regular player base of 10,000, the app can not only hit this month’s $35,000 giveaway mark but will have a solid foundation as it scouts sponsorship opportunities in 2021.

Link to Company / App Demo video