Pitch for Code Joh


Company / App Name: Code Joh


What does it do?

Code Joh is a platform that allows developers and non-developers make software faster. It generates projects (in PHP, C#, and java) for developers. It also generates preview applications for non developers.

Why do we need it?

1) It helps developers work faster by providing them source code that contains functionality they would have spend considerable hour building

2) It helps non-developers convert their ideas to working applications.

Who is it for?

1) Developers

2) Non-developers

3) Companies with software development needs or interersts

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

1) It generates code in multiple programming languages (Java, C#, and PHP)

2) It current supports only MYSQL databases, but there are plans to make it support more databases.

What’s next?

1) support for more programming languages

2) support for more database management systems

3) Code template to allow developers inject their personal styles

4) support for mobile and other application types

Link to Company / App Demo video