Pitch for ChartsWatcher


Company / App Name: ChartsWatcher


Twitter – ChartsWatcher20

What does it do?

ChartsWatcher is web app for day traders to monitor the stock market in real-time with the help of highly configurable alerts and toplist on a fully customizable dashboard. Besides that ChartsWatcher offers charting, newsfeeds and watchlist

Why do we need it?

No one can keep keep track on movements on the market over 10k stocks by himself. ChartsWatcher offers you to define alert rule and filters to get informed when a stock that matches your criteria is making a move.

Who is it for?

This tool is designed directly for day traders trading on the US stock market.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

In comparison to other stock scanner tools like Trade Ideas or ScanZ ChartsWatcher offers a much more affordable price even including a free plan.

What’s next?

We are planning to implement tons of new features including more datapoints and many new alert types.

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