Pitch for Chalkstory

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Company / App Name: Chalkstory

Twitter – ChalkStoryapp

What does it do?

ChalkStory is a unique social media app that allows you to record what your draw, but you can also pause your recording whilst still drawing, in order to create fun animated videos which, you can share with your friends.

Why do we need it?

Unless your doing something exciting, its difficult to find content (Videos/Photos) to share with your friends if you work in an office all day. ChalkStory allows you to have fun with your friends,and your not limited by your surroundings.

Who is it for?

We have a target audience range between 16-40, but anybody can use ChalkStory.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

ChalkStory is really unique and I haven’t seen anything quite like elsewhere. The ability to record what you draw, whilst pausing to create animation means you can make fun animated videos fast and on your phone.

What’s next?

We have loads of ideas to further enhance the app, but a few include: push notifications, re-editing of saved videos, advertisers for global content and video age restrictions.

Link to Company / App Demo video