Pitch for CanIPhish

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Company / App Name: CanIPhish


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What does it do?

CanIPhish provide the world’s first self-service phishing simulation platform. We train your users by coupling the exploitation of real-world vulnerabilities with social engineering to deliver realistic phishing simulations.

Why do we need it?

90% of data breaches are the result of a user clicking on a phishing email. By utilising CanIPhish, your employees will be uniquely positioned to detect the most advanced phishing threats.

Who is it for?

CanIPhish is designed for use by IT or Security Professionals operating within small, medium and large businesses.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

CanIPhish is the world’s first self-service phishing simulation platform that also provides a perpetual free tier. Because of this, we’re able to eliminate sales professionals from the evaluation process and significantly reduce our price.

What’s next?

CanIPhish currently focusing on email phishing simulations. As we grow into global markets we plan to introduce functionality to support SMS phishing (Smishing) and voice phishing (Vishing).

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