Pitch for BUNCH Leadership Coach


Company / App Name: BUNCH Leadership Coach

Twitter – @bunch_HQ

What does it do?

BUNCH is an AI leadership coach that gives you personalized, bite-sized advice to level-up as a leader in just 2 minutes a day.

Why do we need it?

Leadership has changed. The old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore. Today’s leaders need a different set of skills and a fresh approach. Bunch is the new way to step up your game in just 2 minutes a day with your morning coffee.

Who is it for?

Bunch is for everyone and anyone who wants to become a better leader, and is already used by C-Level execs, new managers, and aspiring future leaders.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

BUNCH is the only way to get a personalized learning journey designed to help you grow a little bit every single day. The bite-sized format makes it easy to fit into your life.

What’s next?

BUNCH is getting better every day, too! We release constant updates to the app based on feedback from users.

Link to Company / App Demo video