Pitch for Brijj


Company / App Name: Brijj

Twitter – @adebrijj

What does it do?

Brijj the first project management tool dedicated to giving organisations the means to help data creators and consumers work together and deliver data & analytics, faster, with less error.

Why do we need it?

85% of data projects fail. Why? Because those who build data and those who need it don’t work together effectively. Brijj is the only tool built to help ‘technical’ data creators and ‘non-technical’ consumers work together in the right way.

Who is it for?

Brijj is for data & analytics teams and those who depend on them who want to find more value from their data, projects & teams.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Brijj is the only project management tool built from the ground up to service the unique needs of data teams and the projects they deliver.

What’s next?

The platform will transition from early access to a full release and marketing push to grow out the user base and deliver customer led additions to functionality including NLP based model & data recommendations based on business questions.

Link to Company / App Demo video