Pitch for Beamium

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Company / App Name: Beamium

Twitter – @Slideflight

What does it do?

Beamium is an online platform to share and present PDF documents online. A simple and practical solution that allows users to upload PDF files and present live with just a couple of clicks, sharing a presentation ID with the desired public.

Why do we need it?

Visual aid is vital for successful presentations. With Beamium viewers can follow presentations more clearly, allowing a better information dissemination. Presentations can be followed from anywhere in the world, plus no need for handouts.

Who is it for?

Practical for organizers of events and conferences, professors at universities or businesses wishing to improve their communications. Speeches, lectures, calls and business meetings. Everybody who presents, can benefit from its advantages.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Beamium is simple and straighfoward. No dowloads or add-ons required. A couple of clicks and the users are already enjoying the advantages. The easiest way available to share presentations online.

What’s next?

We are focusing on developing further features on the presentation interface of Beamium to enhance the user experience. Furthermore we are expanding our influence in the business, events and education markets.