Pitch for Amanleek


Company / App Name: Amanleek


Twitter – amanleek

What does it do?

Amanleek aims to simplify insurance services and make it more accessible for a wider base of individual and business customers through leveraging transparency, trust and innovation using tech based solutions.

Why do we need it?

Insurance in many countries in MENA region suffers from a very low penetration rate, this is caused by lack of transparency, accessibility and convenience.

Who is it for?

Our clients are the B & C social class within the age band of 30 – 55 years old, who don’t have the suitable insurance coverage to secure their future and not put their savings at risk however they can’t find the suitable insurance products

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Amanleek leverages transparency to empower the customer while choosing the suitable insurance plan, besides the newly introduced insurance products that are simple, hassle free, and can be utilized digitally

What’s next?

Amanleek will introduce personalized plans which users will choose the most needed covers for himself and exclude other covers he/she doesn’t see necessary so user doesn’t end up paying for insurance he/she feels it’s not needed