Beta Pitch for Stream Together

Company / App Name: Stream Together

What does it do?

Stream Together brings together friends and family to enjoy their favorite online content, anywhere and anytime. Facetime with each other, send memes, send stickers, chat, and draw on the screen all while watching your favorite shows.

Why do we need it?

Stream Together helps connects you with friends and family. Feel there when you can’t be there. Watch synced videos, draw on-screen and live chat while sharing Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video.

Who is it for?

Stream Together is for anyone wanting to connect with friends or family, or to just meet new people. The age bracket will generally be for anyone in their early 20s, 30s, but not limited to.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Stream Together brings interaction and meaningful connection to streaming. Facetime, send memes, draw on the screen, chat, vote, send stickers all while watching your favorite content.

Link to Company / App Demo video

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?

Pre-launch signs up are now available through our website. Register with an email to receive updates on when the product launches.

When do you plan on launching?

January 2021. We will also be beta testing here shortly.