Beta Pitch for Moonshot – social photo challenge game

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Company / App Name: Moonshot – social photo challenge game
Twitter – chestdrop

What does it do?

new social: NO fake news, no ads, no trackers. only photo challenges

Why do we need it?

We love photography, other social networks are full of fake news and everything seems an advertisement. We wanted a social that could inspire you taking great photos and we love videogames so it has rpg mechanics.

Who is it for?

phone photographers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– It has only original, sincere content, you can only partecipate to challenges only with instant photography, you can’t choose photos from your camera roll.

When and how are you opening up your beta to new users?


Try our Beta iOS testflight: <a href=”<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>; rel=”nofollow”><a href=”</

When do you plan on launching?

1 month